Melbourne and Mornington Peninsula Architectural Bricklaying & Blocklaying Specialists

HF Bricklaying has extensive experience in custom, architectural bricklaying and block laying in partnership with architects & builders.  We utilise specialist software to estimate the exact number of bricks required, which benefits all parties to ensure accurate purchasing.  This software can also benefit the builder & homeowner to visualise the structure when it's completed.  

Locations we have worked in include Elwood, Mount Waverley, Glen Waverley, Wheelers Hill and right across Mornington Peninsula.

At HF Bricklaying, we stand by our work are more than happy to answer any questions you may have about any potential architectural projects. Please feel free to contact us for a free no-obligation quote. We look forward to hearing from you.

Past Projects

We've had the pleasure to contribute to some amazing Melbourne & Peninsula homes in the past.  Here are a few pictures thanks to Matclair Constructions

How is Architectural brickwork different from typical bricklaying?

Architectural builds often have intricate design features that only a skilled bricklayer will confidently complete on time and within budget.  Typically architecture builds involve many stakeholders from the owner, architect, builder, engineer.  Consultations with these teams are required to find the right brick, sand, concrete and mortar combination to achieve the desired outcome.  Our team works with all types of bricks and finishes, including artisan bricks that are a privilege to work with but can be more expensive than a typical brick and require finesse to showcase the quality of the materials.

We utilise 3D modelling technology called Brick Takeoffs to accurately predict quantities of bricks and give our clients a look at the finished product.  This technology helps keep wastage down and gives the client a 3D insight into the build once complete.

Favourite Architectural Brickwork Designs & Trends In Melbourne

Curved brick wall architecture

  • Typically when you think of bricks, you think of sharp corners and straight lines.  This is no longer the case. Our modern builds often have a curved wall built with brick that takes absolute precision and finesse.  String lines (what we’d usually use on a square wall) cannot be used.  When perfected, the curve is a statement piece admired by all, especially when using quality artisan or statement bricks.
  • A structural engineer should review all curved brick walls as the curve influences how the wall will handle the load.

Perforated brickwork (Hit & Miss Screens)

  • When a wall has gaps in the brickwork that take up 25% or more of the volume of the wall, it creates all sorts of wonderful shadows, allowing light to pass through the feature wall and is another beautiful statement piece.

Use of Colour - Classic Red or White on white and everything in between

  • The client can choose from a huge range of brick colours.  From the brick colour to mortar, sand.  Colour makes brickwork pop, and the vibrance can bring warmth to a home.

Indoor Brick - Fireplace, Wall, Floor

  • Break up the use of plaster in your home with a brick feature wall or fireplace.  That wow piece when visitors come in which also helps tie in the outside facade. Thus, giving your home a consistent feel throughout. 

Statement Bricks - Artisan, vintage

  • There are so many bricks to choose from.  We love using Krause Bricks because of their high quality and consistency, but we often are asked to build with a vintage rustic looking brick or even an all-white look & feel.

Glazed & Glass Bricks

  • Glazed bricks shimmer in the light, making for a fantastic stand-out brick choice.  Glass bricks are typically used indoors to separate zones in the home but still let light in.

Soldier Course

  • The pattern of bricks where the top row is standing vertically like a soldier!  The narrow edge is facing out and is an interesting way to finish off an external or internal wall to give it some difference.

Protruding Brickwork

  • Flat walls are so 2000.  Protruding brickwork brings texture to a normally flat wall.  Often in contrast to your typical brickwork, so the protrusion creates funky shadows and stands out even more!
Feel free to contact us for a free no-obligation quote.  We look forward to working on the most cutting edge brick projects in Melbourne & on the Mornington Peninsula.