Brick letterboxes for your home or business

Stand out from the crowd and personalise your letterbox with HF Bricklaying. Create your design for a free-standing letterbox or include it within a front fence. We have many years of experience creating brick letterboxes of all types, so if you are unsure about anything, we're here to help.

At HF Bricklaying, we stand by our work are more than happy to answer any questions. Please feel free to contact us for a free no-obligation quote. We look forward to hearing from you.

Why Choose a Brick Letterbox for your letters, mail & parcels?

The main reason to pick a brick letterbox over free-standing fibreglass, steel or wood mailboxes is the complete customisation and sturdiness of a brick letterbox.  Structurally a brick letterbox can be more resilient to weather and cars (the biggest enemy of a letterbox).  A cohesive front yard & letterbox can also add value to your property.  With the boom of packages from online shopping, your letterbox should be a destination to hold small parcels as well as mail.

A few ways we can personalise your brick letterbox are:

  • Brick Colour
    • We can match the brick colour of your home, a feature wall or an existing brick fence.
  • Integration
    • We can integrate or include a mailbox within a brick front fence, whether a new front wall or an existing one.  If your letterbox isn't fit for larger parcels, then we can chat about some solutions.
  • Size
    • Large brick letterboxes or a standing podium mailbox, the choice is up to you and the ample space of your front garden or where the letterbox may be placed.
  • Patterns & Features
    • Our skilled team of bricklayers can produce any modern feature brick pattern & style that you have seen.  A few types that look great for a brick letterbox are:
      • Soldier Course

      • Protruding Brickwork

      • Hit & Miss Screen


Here are some Brick Letterboxes we've constructed in the past!

Feel free to contact us for a free no-obligation quote.  We look forward to hearing from you soon!