Brick Fences That Look Terrific & Keep Your Family Secure

We've constructed brick fences for Melbourne & Mornington Peninsula Homes for more than 30 Years.

About HF Brick Fences

The HF Bricklaying team have been constructing Brick Fences for private properties across Melbourne & Mornington Peninsula for over 30 years.  Whether it's a completely new brick fence for an existing property or a new fence for a new property, we go through a certain process to ensure the end product is perfect for the customer.  Brick and mortar choice is a key decision that will impact the project's outcome for the client, so we go above and beyond to ensure we can achieve the right look and feel for the client.   Then we do some tests and give the customer a few different options to pick from, and once they are happy, we start work on the brick fence.  

We have a network of qualified professionals to get brick fencing over the line.  From Engineers to renderers and brick washing, HF Bricklaying isn't satisfied unless the finished fence is 100% complete and the customer is 100% satisfied.

Not only do we build brand new Brick fences, but we give new life to old brick fences. In addition, we provide services to repair a fence or completely restoring a fence due to old age, a weather event or collision.

Different Brick Fence Services

  • Brick Fence Restoration
    • Complete overhaul of an existing brick fence.  Preparing a fence for render or giving it a new life.
  • Brand New Brick Fence
    • Our most popular service.  The look, feel & security of a brick fence is superior to wooden fences or any other material.
  • Repair
    • Erosion, Weather Event or Collision reparis to match the existing brick fence.
  • Extension
    • Got a brick fence but want to extend it?  We do our best to find matching materials!


Locations we have worked in include Richmond, Ringwood, Elwood, Mount Waverley, Glen Waverley, Wheelers Hill and right across Mornington Peninsula.

Brick Fence Inspiration

A few different styles of brick fences we've constructed

What’s The Typical Process of Building A New Brick Fence?

  1. Look for Inspiration

    1. Take Photos
    2. Search the Web and Pinterest
  2. Contact a Bricklayer for an Obligation Free Consultation

    1. We'll have a chat over the phone about your plans
    2. Suggest any other teams required
      1. Engineering
      2. Architect
      3. Renderer
      4. Brick Cleaner
  3. Quote it all up

  4. Council Approval

  5. Pencil in work once quote has been approved!

Favourite Brick Fence Styles That We Love

Curved Brick Fence

  • Perfect statement fence following the curve of a road, garden bed to add a point of difference to your home.  Most brick fences we construct often have a curved wall built with a high-quality brick that takes absolute precision and finesse.  String lines (what we’d usually use on a square wall) cannot be used, so it takes more maths and experience. However, when perfected, the curve is a statement piece admired by all, especially when using quality artisan or statement bricks.
  • A structural engineer should review all curved brick walls as the curve influences how the wall will stand against external forces.

Soldier Course

  • Pattern of bricks where the top row is standing vertically like a soldier!  The narrow edge is facing out and is an interesting way to finish off a brick fence to give it some difference—a trendy pattern for brick fences.

Protruding Brickwork

  • Flat walls are so 2000.  Protruding brickwork brings texture & pattern to a normally flat wall.  Often in contrast to your typical brickwork, so the protrusion creates funky shadows and stands out even more!

Hit & Miss Screens

  • When a wall has gaps in the brickwork that take up 25% or more of the volume of the wall, it creates all sorts of wonderful shadows, allowing light to pass through the feature wall and is another beautiful statement piece.  Trendy brick fence style to help guide light through a solid structure.
Feel free to contact us for a free no-obligation quote.  We look forward to making your home more secure with a brick fence!